Wales CSA Network

Connecting and growing Community Supported Agriculture projects in Wales.

What do we do?

We exist to connect everyone with an interest in CSA in Wales for the purposes of mutual support and knowledge exchange. As partners in the Tyfu Fyny project (managed by the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens and funded from the Wales Rural Development Plan) we can provide mentoring, business support and training to Welsh CSA’s.

Why join us?

We’ll put you in touch with practically everyone involved in CSA in Wales through our Google and Facebook groups, giving you access to people and projects with years of knowledge and experience behind them. Through us, you have the opportunity to deliver mentoring and project/ business development work if you wish.

How are we managed?

Our constitution sets out what we stand for and how we are run. We are managed by a board of directors, all of whom are actively involved in CSA projects. Each member CSA has the right to nominate a representative to the board.
We are closely connected to CSA Network UK and act as its Welsh ‘hub’. We have directors from Wales on the UK Network board. We benefit enormously from them and hope you will join the UK Network too.

Who should join?

If you have any interest or involvement in CSA in Wales, then you need to join us – and it’s free to do so! We welcome existing or potential projects, individuals wishing to support the movement, or organisations with an interest in, and the capacity to support, CSA in Wales. Contact Tony Little, Wales CSA Network Secretary: for an application form.

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