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Cae Tan Crowdfunder to purchase their land

Cae Tan, a not-for-profit Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme nestled in Gower, has proudly reached a significant milestone: celebrating a decade of fostering sustainable farming practices and reconnecting communities with the land. Recognized as Wales’ largest and most innovative CSA, Cae Tan has garnered acclaim not only within the UK but across Europe as a beacon of community-based sustainable agriculture.

Their mission is clear: to raise awareness of sustainable farming practices and nurture a deeper connection between people and their food. With a commitment to growing and supplying fresh, organically grown, seasonal produce to 130 local households, Cae Tan goes beyond mere cultivation – offering weekly volunteering opportunities, seasonal residencies for trainees, and educational programs aimed at imparting food-growing skills to primary schools and families from underprivileged backgrounds.

However, despite their remarkable achievements, Cae Tan faces a pivotal challenge: securing their main growing fields for long-term community ownership. Currently leased on a short-term rental contract, these fields represent the heart of Cae Tan’s operations, serving as a hub for environmentally sustainable community-growing endeavours.

Their ambitious project aims to secure 6.5 acres for community growing, facilitating educational projects, visits for Swansea Schools, open volunteering sessions, seasonal on-farm traineeships, and regular community events. By purchasing the land they farm, Cae Tan seeks to safeguard the invaluable community and environmental benefits they provide for generations to come.

The benefits of this endeavour are clear: securing the land will ensure the continuity of Cae Tan’s community-focused initiatives and protect against the risk of losing access to vital growing spaces. Moreover, the proposed fields are ideally suited for growing seasonal produce and collaborating with volunteers and community groups.

As they embark on this journey, Cae Tan invites supporters to join them in their quest to secure the future of sustainable farming and community engagement. With a target to secure the field and put the land into community ownership by June, every contribution counts toward realizing their vision of a thriving, sustainable future.

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