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CSA Masterclass – Scaling up: Machinery, site design, irrigation and tools – 21st February 2024 – 10:00-12:00 GMT

21st February 2024 – 10:00-12:00 GMT When you start a CSA project, there are so many decisions you need to make. What equipment will suit your project? How can you make the best use of the space you have available? What tools and irrigation equipment should you buy so you... Read More...
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Engaging and maintaining members, and marketing your CSA – 13th December 2023 – 10:00-12:00 GMT

Fully Booked 13th December 2023 – 10:00-12:00 GMT Members are at the core of what a CSA is. Without members, your CSA doesn’t exist. So how do you get them? Just as important, how do you keep them? Recruiting new members and keeping them happy is an issue that all... Read More...
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First steps in your new CSA: Pacing, prioritising and visioning – Wednesday 6th December 2023 10:00-12:00 GMT

Online Masterclass Webinar – Wednesday 6th December – 10:00 am to 12:00 Noon. You want to grow food, right? But that’s not quite enough. To make a CSA project work, you have to understand your mission.  People who want to start a farm or CSA need a solid reason to... Read More...
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Crop planning, year-round growing and hungry gap ideas – 31st January 2024 – 10:00-12:00 GMT

One of the trickier aspects of growing food is making sure that you have a constant supply. When your business relies on supplying fruit and vegetables weekly, year-round, you can have a problem. Abundant year-round produce in supermarkets could fool you into thinking seasons don’t exist. But, if you’ve tried... Read More...
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Land, insurance, people, management and governance – CSA Masterclass – 14th February 2024 – 10:00-12:00 GMT

14th February 2024 – 10:00-12:00 GMT If you’re interested in starting a CSA, you just want to get on with growing some produce and selling your shares. But, unfortunately, there’s all the other awkward stuff to sort out first. What insurance coverage will you need? What is the best legal... Read More...
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Business Planning and Finance – CSA Masterclass – 17th January 2024 – 10:00-12:00 GMT

Wednesday, 17th January 2024 – 10:00-12:00 GMT If your CSA is going to be a success, you need to have a plan. Growing food can be reasonably straightforward. Far more complex is the business side of things. A CSA is a business like any other, and you need financial knowledge... Read More...

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