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CSA Network UK - Seeds of Crisis image

Seeds of Crisis, Movement and Liberation

Join Christian Keeve to learn more about the political ecologies, cooperative geographies, knowledge politics of seed keeping, and seed grower networks. This webinar is a partnership between the CSA Network UK, the Seed Sovereignty Programme run by the Gaia Foundation and the Organic Growers Alliance and forms part of a... Read More...
Ed Hamer image

Starting up a CSA – Step by step through 12 years

There aren’t many CSA’s that have been running for 12 years in the UK. Chagfood in Devon was started by Ed Hamer and it’s rightly seen as a successful example of the CSA model here in the UK. Ed recently delivered a presentation taking the audience through the establishment, development... Read More...
Start up small farm model.

Governance for your CSA

Are you trying to work out how to set up your CSA? However you look at it, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm project is a business. Somewhere along the line, you have to get your business head on and work out how this thing is going to work. Like... Read More...
The Wonders of woodchip webinar - image

The Wonders of Woodchip

Woodchip and mulches are underused tools in small-scale farming and have the potential to bring huge benefits to your growing enterprise without costing the planet.  In this video, Ben talks about how woodchip can be used as a natural mulch for weed suppression, as a growing medium for propagating plants,... Read More...
DIY Growing Media Webinar - Image

DIY peat-free growing media – Webinar

Watch this recent webinar all about peat and how to create your own peat-free growing media for plant-raising. As growers, we need to move away from peat as a growing medium for raising plants. Peat is a great growing medium, but its a finite source and continuing to extract it... Read More...

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