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Local Media Webinar - Image

Gaining Local Media Coverage – Webinar 10-12 – Mon 4th December 2023

More people read and trust the local press than the national newspapers. Small food enterprises can reach new customers by getting featured in local newspapers, or be interviewed on regional radio or TV.  What are media outlets looking for and how do you approach them? PR professional Robin Clegg (Curve... Read More...
Perennial Green Manure Slices

Perennial Green Manures Webinar – Wednesday 15th Nov. 2023 19:30-20:30 GMT

Webinar Wed, 15 Nov 2023 19:30 – 20:30 GMT Speaker: Clo Ward: Clo (Chloe) Ward is currently the researcher for the Perennial Green Manures project, run by Ecodyfi. See for more on the project. Perennial green manures are fertilisers made from the nitrogen-rich leaves of trees, shrubs and perennial... Read More...
Grow your own CSA - Header image

Grow Your Own CSA Online Training Course – October 2023 to February 2024

Fifteen Two hour online training sessions with guest speakers spaced over 15 weeks Tuesdays 5.30 to 7.30 from 10th October 2023 Community Supported Agriculture is a profitable, sociable, and sustainable way to link land and community. We would like to see CSA projects thrive across the UK. The course runs from... Read More...
Irrigation for new growers - downloadable guide - image

Irrigation – A ‘downloadable’ guide and Webinar for new growers by Pete Dollimore

Written by small-scale growing irrigation expert Pete Dollimore, this guide is designed to complement the series of courses that Pete is running on our behalf. Funded by Farming the Future and run with the Organic Growers Alliance and The Gaia Foundations Seed Sovereignty project, this series of webinars are perfect... Read More...
Real life irrigation stories - image

Webinar – Real-life Irrigation Stories – Tuesday 25th April 7-8:30 pm

Join three experienced growers: Pete Dollimore, Iain Tolhurst and Dan Larke, as they share stories of irrigation systems they have known, loved, created and despised throughout their time as growers. This webinar leads on from the session last week to look at the application of irrigation knowledge in the field.... Read More...
Intro to irrigation - image

Webinar – An Introduction to Small-scale Irrigation with Pete Dollimore – Recorded Tuesday 18th April 2023

Join Pete Dollimore as he talks us through his updated guide to irrigation for small-scale growers. The guide gives an overview of the commonly used installations with details of concepts, terminology, equipment, design and some related aspects to consider.  It will also provide tools and techniques to help growers estimate... Read More...
Contingency Planning - Image

Planning for Uncertainty: Contingency Planning for Small Farms – Workshop

What do you do when things go wrong? Having a plan to deal with uncertain times is a good thing to have right now. Suzy Russell of CSA Network UK gives us a planning tool for assessing risk. Katy Barker of Growing Communities looks at how to improve resilience by... Read More...
Growing Pegplants - image

Growing peg plants – bare root transplants – Webinar

This webinar explored the potential of ‘peg plants’ as an agroecological and sustainable alternative to transplants in modules and blocks. It covered the opportunities and challenges of growing peg plants. What crops are best-suited? How much space do you need? How do the costs compare? Do I need to change... Read More...
Winter Brassicas Continuity - Image

Winter Brassicas For Continuity – Webinar

Brassicas are the biggest and most valuable crop family for winter sales. How can growers provide continuity in an uncertain climate? The summer heatwave and the mild autumn have played havoc with many brassica growers continuity plans. How can growers plan their cropping plans to be resilient? We are joined... Read More...
Winter Brassicas Webinar - image

Winter Brassicas for Continuity – Webinar – Wednesday, 14 Dec 2022, 19:00 – 20:30 GMT

Brassicas are the biggest and most valuable crop family for winter sales. How can growers provide continuity in an uncertain climate? The summer heatwave and the mild autumn have played havoc with many brassica growers’ continuity plans. How can growers plan their cropping plans to be resilient? We are joined... Read More...
Growing and storing images in winter - Webinar - image

Growing and Storing Vegetables in the Winter – Webinar Recorded 29th November 2022

Recording made November 2022 This webinar looks at topics such as the challenges of growing at northerly latitudes, infrastructure, timing plantings, selecting crop varieties, maintaining variety in veg boxes and storing vegetables. It’s aimed at a Scottish CSA audience but may interest any market gardeners. We are very grateful to... Read More...
Diversify - Scotland - image

Diversifying your CSA in Scotland – Webinar Recorded 22nd November 2022

CSAs diversify their offering in many ways, varying routes for sales, but how do CSAs choose which are right for them? How do different types of enterprise work within a CSA model? In this webinar recording, we will hear from four farms that have diversified in various ways and the... Read More...
Rotations for protected cropping - image

Rotations for Protected Cropping – Webinar

This webinar explores the complex art of designing rotations for polytunnels and greenhouses. Growing in tunnels and greenhouses agroecologically means embracing diversity, including plants to encourage predators and pollinators, as well as green manures for soil health. A huge range of crops can be grown under protection, which is great... Read More...
Perennial Vegetables header image

Using Perennials in CSAs and Market Gardens – Webinar Recorded 30 November 2022

About this event Join Mandy Barber of Incredible Vegetables and Ryan Sandford-Blackburn of Earthed Up! to explore the potential of perennials. We will look at the benefits, which species may make sense, perennials for seed crops, integration into an annual layout and use at the edges. After watching this recording,... Read More...
Art of invitation image.

The Art of Invitation Online Course for growers, farmers and seed savers

Last few places – starts next week! The Art of Invitation explores creative ways of engaging communities in the ecological, cultural, and social challenges of our time. These workshops offer new, creative tools for change that can be used as resources for you and your projects, groups, communities, and organisations. ... Read More...
Fair payment image

Fair income for fair food; solidarity payments for CSA farms. Webinar recorded July 2022

CSA growers work hard to grow food, but this isn’t always reflected in their wages. Perhaps there is another way of doing things? Enjoy and learn from this webinar recording. Food solidarity and access to food for all is something many CSAs and small-scale farms aspire to address. However, it’s... Read More...
Seedbanks Image

Seed Banks & Libraries: Preserving and Accessing Biodiversity – Webinar

Seed banks and seed libraries play an important role in both conserving our heritage and ensuring our future. With the huge decline in both our native flora and vegetable cultivars, as well as the reality of climate change, it is now more important than ever that we conserve and protect... Read More...
Arable Crops Market Gardens - Image

The Grain Chain: Arable Crops in Market Gardens – Webinar

A resurgent interest in all things grain has presented opportunities for market gardeners to diversify their cropping and try something new. Many growers will be familiar with sowing grains as a green manure but taking a crop to full term is a different proposition. Tune in to hear a few... Read More...

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