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COP26: How Community Supported Agriculture farms can help us transition to a low carbon future

As world leaders gather in Glasgow to discuss reducing carbon emissions and preventing climate catastrophe, the spotlight is on global farming methods and their impact on the planet on which we live. The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model provides a revolutionary alternative to high-polluting and carbon-intensive ‘conventional’ farming methods. As a UK-wide Network of CSA farms, and alongside partnership organisations like the Landworkers’ Alliance and Sustain, we’ve been calling on the UK Government to do more to support and promote small-scale, agroecological farms. The CSA movement is a powerful model, offering a way of producing food that is kind to the planet, reduces emissions and promotes biodiversity as well as connecting citizens to the land that produces their food.

Read our 6 reasons why Community Supported Agriculture farms are crucial in our low-carbon future:

1. CSAs grow agroecologically – stewarding the land for future generations and in many cases improving the environment through providing havens for wildlife and increasing biodiversity. By farming ecologically, CSAs improve soil health through a holistic land sharing approach.

2. Short supply chains (CSA produce is often in the ground in the morning and in member’s houses by the afternoon) keep waste and food miles to a minimum and there is little or no packaging. Less non-renewable resources are used in production, processing, transport and storage, so CSAs have a very low carbon footprint.

3. The known market (CSAs operate on an upfront subscription basis) keeps production-centred food waste to a minimum

4. CSAs connection of people to land increases awareness of the reasons why we should eat locally produced seasonal food (and so mitigates against climate change)

5. CSAs are low carbon, connect people to food and build health into our land.

6. CSAs rely on crops and products from animals which are adapted to the local environment and are integral to local ecosystems – helping to maintain biodiversity.

Read more about what the Landworkers Alliance and Sustain are doing at COP26.

Read about the the UK CSAs being part of the change and fighting climate change here.

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