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Crop planning, year-round growing and hungry gap ideas – 31st January 2024 – 10:00-12:00 GMT

One of the trickier aspects of growing food is making sure that you have a constant supply. When your business relies on supplying fruit and vegetables weekly, year-round, you can have a problem.

Abundant year-round produce in supermarkets could fool you into thinking seasons don’t exist. But, if you’ve tried growing, you’ll know they do, and there are patches of the year when there isn’t much to harvest for the share.

Experienced growers have worked out how to extend the seasons through clever planning. So, we have two experts in this CSA Masterclass who will share their secrets and help get you through the Hunger Gap.

Ben Raskin of The Soil Association and Tom O’Kane of Cae Tan CSA are here to guide you through the difficulties of crop planning. And, of course, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

You’ll come away from this workshop with a much better idea of how to keep that weekly veg box filled with produce grown on your farm.

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