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CSA Farm Membership

Become a member of CSA Network UK

Whether you are in the early stage of development or are a longstanding CSA, we want you on board.

Joining the CSA Network UK will help you access essential support and advice and raise your profile.

We welcome members from all types of CSA who meet the standards set out in our Charter, including subscription-based CSAs, community-owned farms and share farms/cropshares, even if you’ve not started farming yet.

The CSA Network UK is a co-op

We are a multi-stakeholder co-operative with membership only available to CSA farms. (Individuals can join the Network as supporters).

As a CSA farm member, your membership fee includes a £1 share in the co-op. You are eligible to vote on network business and to nominate a representative to stand for election to our board.

The CSA Network UK Charter

Our Charter which sets out the values and principles of community supported agriculture in the UK. All CSA farm members sign up to the values and principles laid out in it.

Benefits to CSA farm members

  • Free or discounted CSA Network training courses and events.
  • A full listing on our map of CSA farms.
  • Advice on a range of issues via email or phone.
  • Up to 1 hour of free advice on finance from the Co-operative Assistance Network.
  • Discount on our subsidised mentoring programme.
  • Free resources to help promote your CSA as part of our national events.
  • Free advertising on our website for jobs and crowdfunding appeals.
  • Promotion via CSA Network UK press and social media.
  • Voting rights at our AGM.
  • Opportunity to stand for the network board.
  • Potential to earn income by acting as mentors or hosting events.

Join as a CSA Farm Member

Our membership fees are on a sliding scale aimed at a wide variety of CSA models and farm sizes. Please select the farm membership type that best fits you or your farm.

Starter CSAThose looking to start or in the process of establishing a new CSA project£25Select
Small Subscription-based CSASubscription-based CSAs with less than 50 members£25Select
Medium Subscription-based CSASubscription-based CSAs with 50-100 members£50Select
Large Subscription-based CSASubscription-based CSAs with over 100 members£100Select
Share farm/CropshareSmall CSAs where members put in labour and take a share of
the harvest
Farms owned by – and connected within their local communities£50Select

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