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CSA in the Big Issue – support British farmers

“We shouldn’t be reliant on foreign food,” prime minister Rishi Sunak posted on social media recently. “Buy British.” But his own government have made it harder to do so, farmers and campaigners have warned.

Our Network Coordinator Suzy Russell in the Big Issue this week is fighting the case for small-scale farms and CSAs.

“The government can say ‘buy British’ all they want. But if they want that to be a reality, they need to support farmers.”

Suzy points out that supermarkets have a stronghold on the market, how trade deals are pushing down food prices, and how until recently most CSAs are too small to receive any government support.

“With cheap, imported food readily available, housing prices soaring and the inequality crisis growing, living on a CSA farmer’s wage is really hard work. When these are the farmers who are safeguarding the environment, building community and providing local sustainable British food this just isn’t fair or sustainable. ” Suzy said.

Read the full article here.

If this strikes a chord, you might consider using our letter writing template to write to your local MP asking them to support CSA

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