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CSA Network UK Training Programme

Our mission is to have a CSA in every neighbourhood in the UK. How will we achieve that? By helping you with inspiration, training and knowledge.

Do you want to earn a living from farming whilst caring for the planet and building community? 

Are you looking for a way to farm which doesn’t need to involve having a background in farming or a family farm? Then the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model may be for you. 

Check out our Masterclass Webinar series programmed for Winter 2023 below.

We also offer support and guidance at the end of a phone or via email, mentoring with experienced CSA farmers, and a series of resources which can be found here. 

CSA must have one of the shortest supply chains of any food-growing business. It’s an efficient, low-waste business model. It is one of the most climate and nature-friendly ways of producing food and other products. Essentially, your produce is grown directly for your customer, so you know what you need to produce.

Our six-part online webinar series with different CSA experts.

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