Diss Community Farm

We are a Community group based in and around Diss who have come together to produce food in an ethical and sustainable way.

We have a field in Winfarthing, where we meet to work weekly, including harvesting whatever is ready. Whoever is working that day takes a box of freshly harvested vegetables.

Diss Community Farm is, effectively, a shared allotment where members come to work and take home a box of whatever is harvested that day. We are people who want good, local and organically grown vegetables (and some fruit).

Recently, our principal work day has been Thursday, from about 10 am until about 1 pm. When we have needed to put in more work, some of us come on Monday mornings too. Some members cannot make these times and come at other times, such as Saturday mornings.

CSA Model


CSA produces

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Salad

Name of main contact

Gary Alexander


07766 711999







Additional comments from CSA contact

We use a field in Winfarthing, a few miles north of Diss, behind the Fighting Cocks pub. It is owned by a local farmer, David Mitchell, who is part of the group, and is extremely helpful.

CSA Location