Farnham Community Farm

At Farnham Community Farm we supply around 60 households all year round with our veg, grown to organic principles, in the form of a weekly veg bag. We offer small, medium and large veg bags, which are picked up every Thursday 4-8pm from the summerhouse at Packhouse Antiques, just down the lane from us.
Founded in 2008, the team has evolved to now consist of Katie, the Farm Coordinator, Jane and Nick the growers, Alison the chairwoman, Sarah the treasurer and the rest of our board and volunteers.
We are open to volunteers every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, plus the first Saturday of every month which is our monthly Social. We harvest on Thursdays.
We are a cooperative so every member has a share in the farm, and a chance to have a say in how things are run.

CSA Model


CSA produces

  • Vegetables
  • Salad

Name of main contact

Katie Forman







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