Leconfield Grange CSA

We are a two and a half acre smallholding who raise a range of animals and grow our own fruit and veg. We are an small CSA producing Pork and Lamb for our members. Members of our CSA project buy a pig or lamb portion to join. In terms of pigs we then get in the piglets and raise them on our smallholding. Members get to meet their pigs and help to raise them. We raise slow growing, rare breed pigs outdoors, with plenty of space to give the pigs a good life, and the meat a good flavour. In terms of lamb our Ewe's have lambs in the spring. The lambs will then be raised as meat for CSA members. As with lamb members there are opportunities to visit the smallholding and be involved with raising the lambs. the lambs are grass fed again producing tasty high quality meat.

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CSA produces

  • Pork
  • Lamb

Name of main contact

Sam Hollis


07967 580870







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