Norwich FarmShare

Norwich FarmShare is a not-for-profit cooperative CSA that produces local, seasonal, ecologically grown food with and for the local community and works co-operatively with local ecological small scale farmers and growers in Norwich.
We are an award winning Community Supported Agriculture project in it’s 6th year and part of a wider movement to enable people to have a better say how their food is produced.

The project was started by East Anglia Food Link as a part of a project with Transition Norwich looking into how the city could become self sufficient in food (report by Tully Wakeman).

In 2016 we lost our original 7.5 acre growing site when the site ownership changed but were fortunate to be able to conduct a funded Site Feasibility Study to search for and design a new growing site. Now in 2017 we are fund-raising to set up on the two new sites - the smaller 1/2 acre central site having an educational and outreach focus and the larger 3.5 acre site being the main production area.

Through our transition we have continued to supply our members with produce by ordering from other local producers. Once we begin again to grow our own produce we will continue to do this in order to build and support this local network of small-scale ecological farmers in Norfolk. We supply our members with produce all year round, taking the produce to a central point in the city where members can collect and also offering a bicycle delivery option.
As a Community Benefit Society both our members and the wider community benefit from the educational visits and activities we offer to school groups, youth groups and other disadvantaged groups and the volunteering opportunities and social events we provide which are open to all.

We currently (2017) supply produce to around 75 households

CSA Model

Community owned

CSA produces

  • Vegetables
  • Salad

Name of main contact

Rosalind Bacon


07432 513424


[email protected]



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