Sagar Lane Market Gardens

Sagar Lane Market Gardens are located high in the Pennine hills, above the neighbouring market towns of Todmorden and Hebden Bridge. We have our own veg box scheme (new customers welcome) and supply local shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants. 100% of what we sell is grown by us at Shore, Todmorden or Erringden, Hebden Bridge - we don't buy-in veg - so we supply for as long as each South Pennines season allows: it's the most (literally) seasonal food you can find. Our box customers say that Sagar Lane veg stays fresh far longer than anything else they can buy: "As you delivered today's box I was eating the last of the salad from last week. As crisp today as it was a week ago!" This is down both to the health and vigour of our plants, and that we pick most veg immediately before delivery. This level of freshness (and presumably nutrition too) is impossible with box schemes importing veg across a region. The 2017 veg box scheme will run from June to November/December, delivering on Wednesday afternoons to Hebden Bridge and Sunday afternoons to Todmorden.

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