Sutton Community Farm

Sutton Community Farm is a community-owned farm. The first round of our community share offer closed as of 29th February, 2016. Thanks to the generosity of investors we well exceeded our initial target of £10,000. In fact we raised more than £18,000 that will make an important contribution to our working capital. We are now a community of more than 140 Member shareowners.

We started in 2010 in response to a community need with the purpose to increase access to fresh, healthy, sustainable food and provide a shared space for people to cultivate skills, get exercise and make new friends. Our farm sits on a beautiful 7.1 acre smallholding with views towards the skyline of central London.

People can be part of our farm in many different ways. We welcome volunteers to come and muck in. We also run courses and events like our annual Harvest Festival. If you’re with an organisation looking for a fun, wholesome day out, we also run Team Challenge Days.

Volunteers come to the farm to learn new skills, share knowledge, meet people and be inspired. We have had more than 3,000 volunteers since 2010 and are always welcoming new people. Keeping a community farm running involves a wide variety of work.

CSA Model

Community owned

CSA produces

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Salad

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Sutton Community Farm


07722 156 097




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