CSA Open Days

Every year we organise two national days to raise awareness of community supported agriculture: a CSA Farm Open Day on 1 October and CSA Sign Up Day on 1 March.


CSA Network UK Farm Open Day is usually on 1 October. This is similar to Open Farm Sunday as it involves CSAs around the country opening their doors to the public. CSAs organise a range of different activities including farm tours, apple pressing, pumpkin harvesting, pig feeding, raspberry picking, bring and share meals, and more. Last year, our first event we had over 30 CSA farms take part.


Our CSA Sign Up Day on 1 March was based on the successful CSA Day in US run by Small Farm Central. This is an important time for farmers who are planning what to grow and produce at the start of the season and so by signing up on 1 March new members can help provide revenue for the CSA when they need it most.