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Abundant Earth Co-op

We are a workers co-operative and are based on 15 acres of land near to Broom Park just outside of Durham city. We are passionate about growing and making things from the land, it’s what we do; from producing a weekly vegetable box scheme, to working with wool, wood and willow through to Permaculture and woodland management.

Everything that we do on our land is focused on helping both people and countryside. The land is managed without pesticides or fertlisers being applied and most work is carried out by hand. Hedges are laid, woods coppiced and pastures managed all with an eye to the wildlife.

People are catered for by providing, not only healthy food for the locality, but also by offering opportunities to learn many of the land based skills we employ by offering courses and through volunteering.

A major focus of our land based activity is directed towards working a one acre vegetable garden. We use both organic and permaculture methods on our plot and the produce from this garden supplies our Veg Box Scheme. In the leaner months we supplement our produce with that of other organic producers in the northern area. We are not certified by the soil association but customers are invited to come along and visit us or volunteer with us to see how we work. We also have a flock of hens supplying veg box customers with eggs. They love to eat our slugs and scrap veg. They also have a special garden with perennial crops they can forage and we supply them with organic layers pellets.

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