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Bungay Community Bees

Welcome to Bungay Community Bees, we are a group of people striving to preserve pollinators and particularly the honey bee in an environment within which they can thrive. We’re working on a number of different projects: Plants for Bees, Education and Outreach, and Beekeeping; We welcome new members at any time of the year – you might be very local and want to get hands on with one or all of our projects, or you could support us from afar:

Bungay Community Bees, in East Anglia, is a community supported agriculture (CSA) scheme where members own shares in the harvest and take part in the beekeeping year. Claimed to be the first purely bee CSA in England to date, the project is aiming to ‘preserve pollinators’ by increasing the numbers of bees and beekeepers locally and promoting more sustainable ways to farm for honey

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  • Main Contact: '@bungaycommunitybees
  • CSA Model: Community-led
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