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Cambridge CropShare

Cambridge CropShare is a small-scale community-supported agriculture (CSA) scheme in Cambridge, run as a partnership between Transition Cambridge and Waterland Organics, based at Willow Farm in Lode. It experiments with ‘crop-sharing,’ which we define as an exchange of use of land for access to labour, creating opportunities for farm- community collaboration.

Throughout the growing season, local Cambridge farm Waterland Organics will make its farmland available for use by volunteers from the Cambridge area, and reward volunteers with seasonal veggies.
In exchange, Transition Cambridge volunteers will help plant, weed, and harvest Waterland Organics’ crops.
This will require approximately 20 organized volunteer group trips to the farm – from March t0 October, depending on weather.
But crops will not be the only yield- volunteers will be able to see how crops are grown at a large scale, have fun working in groups, and chat to real food growers in their local area.

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