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Growing Well

Growing Well provides people with mental health problems with an effective, supportive and inclusive farm-based community.
Each year we grow over 15 tonnes of delicious organic fruit and vegetables, and these are available through a Vegetable Bag scheme.
However, it’s more than that, it’s a ‘Community Supported Agriculture’ scheme. This means that you are signing up to a share of our produce over a 12 month period. Essentially, you’re buying 100th (we have 100 shares each year) of what we grow on site each year.
We have just one share size (£9.50 per week) which suits a household of approximately 1-3 adults or children – depending on how many vegetables you eat! 
It’s an amazing and innovative scheme, with great food and a sense of community. We hold work days, Harvest festival events and other activities. Most of our Crop-share holders stay with us for years and feel part of Growing Well, and those that do leave often join us as Friends instead, so they can stay part of our community.

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