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We are a new member of the overall Wakelyns project, and are getting ready to produce fresh, tasty, organic veg boxes at Wakelyns Agroforestry Hub 2021. At the moment we are building infrastructure and laying mulch for our beds.

We grow our veg using organic no-dig methods as these approaches nurture the soil and care for our environment and grow healthier foods.

RealVeg is structured as a CSA so that we can create opportunities for those who buy our veg to play a part in getting the seeds in the ground to the food on the table.

We aim to be part of developing a more resilient food system by re-localising our food production. We feel strongly that this needs to happen and we would like to become part of an interconnected network of small local independent food producers. The pandemic has highlighted the fragility of our global food system and by re-localising our food production we become more resilient to the unpredictability of our future.

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