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Station Farm

We are a small scale CSA offering a range of vegetable and fruit boxes from summer 2022 onwards. Everything grown at Station Farm is grown using organic and biodynamic principles following a no dig approach. Currently we are in the process of creating the growing beds and associated infrastructure.

Station Farm is an off shoot of The Fruit Nursery and as such we grow an extensive range of rare and unusual fruit and vegetable plants that cannot be found easily elsewhere. Those who become part of our CSA can look forward to eating fruits such as Chilean Guavas and Juneberries, and vegetables such as skirret, yacon and chicory root.

We believe that everything should be grown in harmony with nature and take an holistic view of our market garden making a visit a joy for all of the senses.

Those who become part of the CSA can look forward to being able to help guide what is planted and to be involved in most aspects of the harvesting and sowing process.


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