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Street Goat Stibbs Hill

Welcome to Street Goat! We’re aiming to bring farm animals back into our world in the city, connecting us with where our food comes from and bringing the joy back into our lives!

It’s a grand plan, one step at a time. We’re starting with dairy goats.

We want to use overgrown and difficult land for our goat friends to live on. We’ll co-operatively share in the responsibilities, share in the costs and share in the milk!

Street Goat is inspired by local solutions to global questions. All around the world people are working to reclaim a food system that works for them. A food system for people, not merely for the profit of multinational corporations. A food system that regenerates the planet, instead of destroying it. A food system in which food is distributed fairly. In which people in every community of the planet have access to culturally appropriate, affordable, nutritious food. We call this ‘Food Sovereignty’.

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