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Transition Turriefield

Welcome to Transition Turriefield, we grow all sorts of fruit and vegetables. You will find us in Sandness, a small community on the very edge of the far west mainland of Shetland.

Here at Turriefield we believe everyone should be able to eat fresh, healthy, seasonal fruit and vegetables. We’ve been ‘growing our own’ and eating seasonally since 1999 and we would like as many people here in Shetland, to be able to do the same. We believe you should be able to choose food that has spent as little time, and travelled as little distance as possible, between harvest and plate; to eat food which is free from pesticides and agrochemicals and have an alternative to buying from supermarkets. Our produce is grown using methods that have as little negative environmental impact as possible.

We sell most of our produce through our vegetable box scheme, harvesting as near to delivery time as possible. Fruit, vegetables and eggs can also be bought at the farm gate. We like to support you to grow at home and a variety of transplants are available in season, along with advice and suggestions for growing in Shetland. We are current supported by the Climate Challenge Fund to help local residents and communities to reduce their carbon footprints by supporting them to ‘grow their own’, make better buying choices, reduce food waste and composting more.

Visitors are welcome, but please remember it is a working croft, you’ll need to take care with the animals and you’ll probably need your wellies!

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