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Two Fields

“Two Fields” is a 24 acre farm in Low Road, Debenham. We are creating a wood, agro-forestry, allotments, animals for meat and eggs. “Two Fields” is about community participation. Local people can become involved in the farm enterprises.
In time we will provide supported places for meaningful work, training and life experiences. It will be a doorstep service for people of Debenham and villages, who want to make local connections through growing local food.

In October 2012 a group of people from Debenham met with Suffolk Acre and were introduced to a few of the realities of setting up a Pig Club. Everyone believed in a more self sufficient, localised and sustainable method of farming and producing food. The opportunity to rear our own pigs in a high welfare environment and know the provenance of what we were eating was too good to miss.

The idea grew and was developed. A few more members joined the co-operative over the next few months and plans were made to set up our pig field and acquire our pigs. In keeping with the initial idea , we tried to source rare breed piglets so that we can assist in the conservation of the UK’s native and rare breeds rather than concede defeat to commercial production of meat.

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