Resource Listing

The following resources are designed to help you get the information and support you need to start up a CSA, develop your CSA further or join a CSA. The information is designed for farmers, community groups and individuals.

A » Access to land

B » Business plan

C » Communications

D » Distribution

E » Events and educational activities

F » Funding

G » Growing

  • Using Google Forms for Crop Recording

    Neil Hickson from Burscough Community Farm shares a simple way to create a functional crop recording tool.

  • Building Resilient Seed Systems: Lessons from Latin America and Europe (Webinar Recording)
    A walk through various international grassroots seed systems and how we can use these lessons to build our seed network here in the UK.
  • Irrigation Q&A

    Recording of our Irrigation Q&A session from August 2020 with Pete Dollimore.

  • Golf courses
    You may have spotted an old golf course that could be a potential growing site. Before you do any growing please make sure you get a proper soil check done. This applies to anywhere you are going to grow but is particularly relevant on golf courses because of historical pesticide and fungicide use to keep the grass even and green. This means there is a possibility that both mercury residues as well as some persistent organic pollutant residues may be present. It may be fine – mercury compounds can be converted by bacteria in the soil into elemental mercury which is gradually dispersed in the air and lost, and other pesticides are supposed to break down after a few weeks leaving little if any residual toxicity. However, it could also not be and it is extremely important to check before anyone starts eating produce grown there.
  • Crop Suggestions for Extending the Season in Scotland

    A list of varieties mentioned on our Extending the season in Scotland webinar 1st June 2020

  • Webinar on “Buying In: The Whys, Wheres and Hows”

    Hear from a panel operating in Scotland about the ins and outs of buying in and keeping supply chains local.

  • Webinar on “Extending the Season in Scotland”

    Hear from three Scottish growers on their tips for extending the season and growing through the winter.

  • Growing (from the A-Z)
  • The Community Farm planting plan

    Example of sowing schedule from 2011 from The Community Farm, Bristol

  • Loxley Valley Community Farm Crop Plan

    A more extensive version of the crop planning tool developed by Loxley Valley Community Farm

  • Horticultural cropping tool

    Spreadsheet to help plan your cropping, estimate revenue and define planting area. Instructions on how to use the tool are on the second tab.

  • Hungry gap fillers

    Ideas for crops to fill the hungry gap in both outdoor and protected cropping systems

  • Propagation for CSA farms

    Suggestions on how to source seedlings and plants when propagation facilities are limited

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U » Urban agriculture

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W » Wales and What is CSA?

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