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Help Sims Hill Grow a Grower

For 2019 Sims Hill Shared Harvest wants to grow a grower. This Bristol-based CSA wants to start offering training opportunities to share their abundance of skills and knowledge with the next generation of growers. This year they would like to offer a 2 day a week paid trainee role for one new grower.

To do this, they’ve launched a crowdfunder campaign to raise the necessary £5000. The money raised will help them kickstart a traineeship program. They’ve already raised 80% of this target and with five days left in the crowdfunder, you could help them raise the remaining £1000 and secure the traineeship position.

They anticipate that expanding their staff with the traineeship this year will mean they can fund the traineeship from improved turnover in seasons to come, meaning your support now will ensure the traineeship position for years to come.

 Why support Sims Hill to Grow a Grower?

  • Provide an opportunity for a new grower to access skills and learning.
  • Expand their team and ability to produce more local food.
  • Pay their trainee a fair and decent wage.
  • Support new local food producers and growers to feed us.

Sims Hill Shared Harvest is a Community Supported Agriculture cooperative based in Frenchay on the edge of Bristol. They grow mixed vegetables for around 120 members who each receive a weekly veg share throughout the year. Their vegetables are grown using organic standards across 3 acres of cultivated field space and 5 polytunnels. The growing area is split across the Sims Hill site and some space at the nearby Feed Bristol project which is run by Avon Wildlife Trust.

Visit to learn more about Sims Hill, the traineeship program and donate.

Follow them on social media and spread the word by sharing their posts using #growagrower. You’ll find them on Twitter: @SimsHill1, Instagram: Simshillsharedharvest, and Facebook: Sims Hill Shared Harvest.

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