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Land Quest: Rallying BPOC Farmers and Food Growers for Equity in Accessing Land

Q&A Session – Wednesday, 1st May, from 4:30 to 5:30 pm

Stir to Action invites BPOC farmers and community food-growing organisers to its Pathways to Land Project. The project aims to address the unique challenges faced by BPOC farmers in accessing land in England and explore financing solutions that ensure land security for this community.

The initiative involves mapping out the specific hurdles BPOC farmers encounter in securing land and devising financial pathways to facilitate their access to land resources. Collaborating with lenders and financiers, including those led by BPOC individuals, the project seeks to tailor financial models that are suitable and equitable for BPOC farmers within the industry.

Among the options explored are financial mechanisms such as significantly delayed loan repayment for land acquisition and other innovative solutions. Interested parties can visit this link for further details, including information about project partners. Alternatively, individuals can reach out to for inquiries.

An online drop-in Q&A session will be held on Wednesday, 1st May, from 4:30 to 5:30 pm. Those interested in participating can join the session by clicking this link (Google account required).

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