Crowdfunding appeals

Here are some of the current crowdfunding appeals from CSAs please help support them if you can.

Help support Norwich Farmshare

Norwich FarmShare is an eco-award winning not-for-profit cooperative, a community farming project that is aiming to model a sustainable food system in Norwich. We work in partnership with other local organic growers to produce local, seasonal, chemical-free veg which our members collect from a city centre hub each week.

In 2016 we lost our rented growing land, and we have since secured two new plots. We are crowdfunding to buy equipment and set up infrastructure on our new site at Valpy Avenue allotments (where we will be focusing our educational work) and to begin setting up our second, main growing site in Whitlingham.

With community farming, we’re very much going against the grain of cheap food that costs the environment a great deal. We can’t compete with supermarkets, the only way we can make it work is with financial support from the ‘crowd’. If we come together in solidarity with those who care about such things as soil erosion, declining insect populations, the plight of our precious bees… together we can make it happen.

FarmShare is a way of doing it differently and reconnecting with the earth and with each other at the same time – good value for body and soul we think! We hope you will join us in helping create a food system that works for all – for our communities, our planet and our children.