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If we are going to improve the food system in our country, then we need to research better ways of doing things. 

The CSA Network UK is part of a growing movement of organisations that feel an Agroecological approach to farming is the right way to go. So, we are part of the Agroecological Research Collaboration (ARC) initiative:

As part of ARC, we are partnering with:

  • the Organic Growers Alliance (OGA)
  • the Land Workers Alliance (LWA)
  • the Ecological Land Cooperative (ELC)
  • the Pasture Fed Livestock Association (PFLA)

ARC is a collective endeavour. It supports and informs research, meeting the needs of agroecological farmers, growers, foresters and other land-based workers.

The aims of ARC are to:

  • Represent and support the research needs of agroecological practitioners across the UK
  • Develop a network with researchers and research institutes based on mutual support and exchange
  • Build evidence demonstrating agroecology as a viable, long-term alternative to the current industrial food and land-use system
  • Ensure that ARC members, and grassroots organisations that represent those working in food, farming and forestry, are actively and equally involved in developing and steering research agendas

ARC is guided by a steering group and employs a research coordinator whose job it is to:

  • Coordinate and facilitate the development and delivery of research projects
  • Develop a network of researchers, organisations and institutions that support the work of ARC
  • Creating materials and practices to make research accessible and usable for practitioners and organisations

We’ve created a ‘Research Needs and Priorities’ document to highlight and communicate the topics on which we require research evidence. This document will evolve and be updated as our research needs expand and shift.

Read the document here.

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