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Webinar on The new Genetic Technology Act – 10th May 2023

The new Genetic Technology Act is now law in the UK; however, a huge amount of safety regulations have been removed, such as labelling, traceability, ongoing monitoring, and environmental, health and safety assessments.

The bill extends beyond the usual agricultural crops into a far wider range of plants, farmed animals, aquaculture and pets.  

Experts from the RSPCA, Compassion in World Farming and A Bigger Conversation are running a webinar to explore these and other aspects of this new UK legislation from the perspectives of ethics, welfare and environmental impact. It will give their views on different aspects and answer audience questions in order to promote a greater understanding of what we might expect in the future.

The free webinar is on Wednesday, 10th May, from 1:30 – 3:00 pm.

Click here to book your place.

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