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Matching farmers with Growers in South Wales Image

1200 Acres of Regenerative Agroecological Farms for South Wales

Imagine taking up all those small pockets of land on farms that don’t get used and putting them to good use by a new generation of farmers and growers.

A new ambitious project has been launched in Monmouthshire and the Brecon Beacons to do just that over the next 10 years. has the task of matching up farmers who have spare land with growers looking for somewhere to start a business.

Why 1200? That’s the number of acres they are looking for because that’s the amount of land that is reconned to be enough to feed all the households in the region. And the scheme had 20 offers of land within the first week of starting.

Are you in the Monmouthshire/Brecon Beacons area and are serious about starting a regenerative small scale horticultural business? Why don’t you get in contact with them through their website here?

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