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Chagford launch goats’ milk

Huge congratulations to Chagfarm on the launch of their raw goats milk!

Last week Environmental Health approved their raw goats milk for sale, allowing them to offer organic raw goats’ milk to there members.

This a mammoth achievement for the farm, who will be celebrating the launch of their dairy with an open day Sunday 20 September.

The farm has also been featured by the Exeter Express and Echo, with a lovely quote from Davon Friend, Co-Founder and Director of Chagfarm: “After three years of hard work developing our micro goat dairy, we’re thrilled to finally launch our raw goats’ milk.

“We strongly believe that pasteurisation and homogenisation are not what nature intended and can’t wait to finally shout about the incredible health benefits of raw goats’ milk, including less allergenic proteins, easily digestible fats and prebiotic properties. Watch this space for a selection of soft and hard handmade cheeses and yoghurts!, continued Friend.”

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Chagfarm launch goats milk


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