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Community Land Advisory Service announce funding extension

The Community Land Advisory Service (CLAS) has announced an extension to their funding in England. This extension will allow them to continue to give groups and landowners technical advice and support to create new growing projects and keep existing projects going. CLAS can help advise on finding land, planning permissions, financing, rules and regulations in addition to providing workshops and resources.

CLAS in England has been going for three years now and has shared expertise with community supported agriculture (CSA) groups at a number of our events in both England and Wales, most recently the Wales CSA Gathering and Canalside Regional Event. We are looking to run more events in conjunction with CLAS in the future and have funding set aside to hold more regional events to support CSA farms.

If you are a CSA member of the CSA Network UK you can apply for up to £400 funding to host a gathering of CSA from your region. To apply please send us a summary of how much you need, and what it is for. It is up to you how you organise the event, all we ask is that you write up a summary of the event afterwards with some nice photos for our website, to help inspire others. Find out more here <will need page link!>

To learn more about CLAS, visit:

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