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Black Grove Greens CSA

Black Grove Farm is a new community and educational farm.
We are inviting new members to sign up to our Community Supported Agriculture Scheme in January 2019 ready for vegetable shares from June to November 2019.
At least 8 different fresh, local and organically grown varieties of veg, herbs and salads, with an option of purchasing pastured eggs.
We can take members who live within 7 miles of the farm.
All members will have a say in how the CSA is run.
Members will be welcome to the spend time at the farm on volunteer days, and will pick up their box from us.
Black Grove Greens is a social enterprise with the following aims:
To produce organically grown, fresh and nutritious fruit and veg and healthy meat and animal products
To direct market to local people first.
Provide opportunities for learning growing and farming skills.
Promote community cohesion and reduce social isolation.
We hope to expand to produce pastured pork, lamb, turkey and Chicken in the future and produce for up to 200 members.

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