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Brookside Flower Farm

This  year we have introduced  a new scheme, it is an alternative locally based model of agriculture, to provide local environmentally aware businesses and florists  with  quality eco-friendly local cut flowers, at a very good price.  A member joins in the spring before the growing season starts and their payment helps our farm buy seeds and other supplies for the coming year.
On-line Flower Diary
We will keep you updated with images of your flowers in our On-line flower diary so we can keep you updated on how your flowers are growing.  
This is How it Works
The CSA is a great choice for members who love to create their own floral art and bouquets around the house. It is ideal for local restaurants and hotels that are environmentally conscious and want to fill vases on their tables and have flowers on the reception. You will be able to express a preference for colour and varieties at the beginning of the growing season or you can leave it to us and enjoy the surprise. Check out the Flower Diary to see the varieties we are growing this year. Our Buckets are brimming with seasonal flowers and foliage and come in a 10 litre bucket. You return this each week when you receive your new assortment of blooms. We clean the buckets and re-use them for the CSA throughout the season so there is no waste packaging.

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