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Chagfood Community Market Garden

Chagfood is a community supported market garden supplying seasonal and ecologically-produced vegetable shares to Chagford and its neighbouring parishes.

Since 2010 we have grown to meet increasing demand for our high quality fresh produce and now supply over 80 local households from our five acre growing site on organically certified land at Rushford Mill Farm.

At Chagfood we offer our members a ‘share’ of the harvest over the entire growing season for a set price. This means that in a good year when the crops grow particularly well you share in a bountiful harvest. It also means that in bad year when there are crop losses you accept a slightly smaller/lower quality share of the harvest. Either way you are directly connected to whatever is ‘in season’ on your doorstep every week of the year as well as how the weather and climate affects the food you eat. Put simply CSA is about consumers & farmers sharing the rewards and the risks of farming between them.

Because the CSA model supports us to supply our local market we do not have to meet the transport, retail and marketing costs of larger organic box schemes and the supermarkets. As a result we remain competitive on price when you compare the cost of your share with the value of produce you receive over the entire season from June to March. We are also committed to offering 10 percent of our shares at a discounted price to low-income local families as we believe that good quality fresh vegetables should not be a luxury but should be accessible to everyone.

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  • Main Contact: Ed Hamer
  • Contact Number: 07858 381539
  • CSA Model: Producer-led
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