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Coed Organic

Our growing project began around 2007, initially called Riverside Market Garden. A CSA, and Soil Association certified organic, from the beginning. In 2018 we restructured, and became Coed Organic, a workers co-operative. We currently have around 70 CSA members, who we supply with a vegbag for around 38 weeks of the year, fortnightly from Jan-May, then weekly June-Dec. We also attend Riverside Farmers Market in Cardiff, on Sundays, June-Dec. We grow on around 6 1/2 acres, with approx 400m2 polytunnel space. We practice stock free organic growing, primarily using green manures for our fertility. We ask customers to pay every week, even if they are away, or on holiday, so that we receive a regular income, and those weeks we distribute those surplus veg through a community food scheme, like Cathays community fridge, and Llantwit Foodshare. Besides the financial security that this provides us, this allows us to also help serve the wider community, and make local organic veg available to others, to whom cost might be a barrier. Besides being supported by our customer community, we are also supported by the community in which we are based, the Coed Hills Community. Besides renting the land to us, they also provide emotional support, and practical support like use of their workshop etc. And in return we can supply super local organic veg and cut flowers for use at their events, weddings and retreats.

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