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Crowhurst Community Agriculture

Sarah and Stephen have been tenant farmers at Upper Wilting Farm since 1987. In 2008, Sarah and Stephen were approached by some members of the newly formed Transition Town Hastings Group to ask about the possibility of growing some vegetables on the farm. Sarah, being a keen horticulturalist, agreed to develop a pilot project using the kitchen garden of the farmhouse. In 2009 we had a membership of 25 groups. We ask a small membership fee of less than £1 per week. We expect at least 4 hours work per month from each membership but as the work comes in peaks and troughs, members can bank their hours in the busy months and have reduced their hours through the winter. In return each family group takes home a share of the harvest. We have two working days per week, Wednesday and Saturday but are flexible if members want to come at other times.

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  • Main Contact: Sarah Blackford
  • Contact Number: 01424 830613
  • CSA Model: Producer-community partnership
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