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It’s all happening with CSA on the Gower

On March 18th, 2024, the team from CSA Network UK embarked on a mini-tour of four Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiatives across the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. This region is witnessing the flourishing of CSA projects, indicating a significant shift towards sustainable and community-centric farming practices.

Cae Felin CSA: The tour commenced with a visit to Kai Felin CSA, which is closely linked to Morriston Hospital. Project Manager Simon shared insights into the initiative’s growth over the past year and a half, highlighting the diverse mix of volunteers, including hospital staff. The close collaboration between the CSA and the Health Board underscores the unique connection between health and well-being.

Blackhill CSA: Aoife and Jon from Blackhill CSA shared their journey of starting from scratch, driven by the desire to impact the community positively. Despite facing financial challenges and lacking large-scale growing experience, their commitment to sustainability and community resilience remains unwavering.

Summit Good: Josh, one of the key players behind Summit Good, outlined the project’s three pillars: eat Summit Good, do Summit Good, and grow Summit Good. From running a CSA to engaging with the local community through social programs and supporting various local enterprises, Summit Good has become a bustling community hub.

Big Meadow CSA: Abi, the founder of Big Meadow CSA, reflected on the challenges of unpredictable weather patterns. Despite these obstacles, the CSA model has provided stability and a steady income, enabling them to focus on sustainable farming practices and community engagement.

The stories from these CSAs highlight the transformative potential of community-supported agriculture in fostering resilience, sustainability, and community well-being. As CSA initiatives continue to thrive across South Wales, they serve as beacons of hope for a more resilient and connected future in farming.

Watch the video for the full report.

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