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New European CSA report released

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement is being increasingly recognized as offering an alternative to the unsustainable industrial food system and thus as a concrete approach in the transition towards agroecology and food sovereignty.

In the “European CSA Overview”, the European CSA Research Group combines the knowledge of representatives from 22 European countries, who are involved with research and farming and have an intimate knowledge of CSAs in their respective countries. The Report thus gives an insiders’ perspective on the state and the dynamics of the CSA movement in the continent.

With this Report, the European CSA Research Group aims to improve knowledge generation and sharing amongst CSAs in Europe and to create awareness among policy makers and the wider public that functioning alternatives to industrial food dependency exist. Apart from presenting the results of a Europe wide census this report analyses the agro-ecological dimension of CSA practice.

The report is available for pdf download on the website of the international network for CSA Urgenci

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