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Our Seeds Are Our Stories 2 – Seed Week Special

For many of us, our connection to seeds runs much deeper than just the practicalities of food production. Our seeds represent hard work, the growing season to come, and belief that we can build a better future. The journeys seeds take and the challenges they face are reflections of our own journeys and challenges.
Join us for a special evening celebrating seed during the Seed Sovereignty Programme’s annual Seed Week where we’ll discuss the current landscape of seed in the UK, hear from people working with seed in diverse ways, and gain insight into the cultural, political and personal contexts seeds bring with them.

Col Gordon is a seed researcher and baker who’s based on his family farm in the Scottish Highlands.
Ione Maria Rojas is a food grower and multidisciplinary artist working with earth, plants, animals and people. In the past few years she has been exploring her mixed heritage, working across the UK and Mexico, a back and forth that was prompted by her first meeting of amaranth.
Dennis Touliatos is an interdisciplinary researcher, with a background in plant biology and environmental social sciences, exploring how and why we should grow plants differently. He is also co-manager of the Lancaster Seed Library.

This webinar is a partnership between the CSA Network UK, the Seed Sovereignty Programme run by the Gaia Foundation, the Landworkers’ Alliance, and the Organic Growers Alliance and forms part of a webinar series funded by Farming the Future.
The webinar programme focuses on practical teaching and farmer-to-farmer knowledge exchanges from farmers and growers from around the UK. The series is designed to increase knowledge exchange and learning on both the politics and practice of agroecology, seed sovereignty and food sovereignty.
If you would like to be involved in running a webinar, a theme or practice you would would like to know more about, or have a specific topic you would like to present on please get in touch with us at

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