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Sign up to support your local community farm on 1 March 2017

There is no better time to start buying more local produce.

The recent “veg crisis” has caused supermarkets to ration vegetables, as courgette and lettuce prices have sky rocketed as a result of cold weather in Spain.

But there’s no shortage of affordable, fresh, tasty, seasonal vegetables being grown at Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) schemes across the UK.

The first-ever national CSA Sign Up Day in the UK is on Wednesday 1 March 2017. Community Supported Agriculture is a way of farming where people in the community sign up to receive a regular share of sustainable, local produce.

This can include fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy, honey, bread or other produce. People who sign up can also get involved by helping out with growing and harvesting or investing in the farm. This helps smaller farms to grow on a scale that might not be so sustainable otherwise.

Signing up to a CSA on 1 March 2017 means you can join other like-minded people in your local community who are committed to:

  • eating healthy foods;
  • preparing tasty meals for their families;
  • supporting their local farmers;
  • reducing their impact on the environment;
  • learning something new; and
  • being adventurous in the kitchen.

Ben Raskin CSA Network UK board member said “Getting involved in a community farm is a great way to meet new friends, eat fresh local produce and ensure that our farmers are still here growing food for us for years to come. ”

If your CSA would like to take part please email

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