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Solidarity Payments: A fair income for CSAs – Meet up with Elske Hageraats

We’ve received an email from Elske Hageraats who delivered last years, ‘Fair Income for Fair Food – Solidarity payments for CSA Farms’ webinar. Elske is visiting the UK in August and would love the opportunity to meet and speak with CSA businesses.

Here is her email:

Dear colleagues & CSA farmers,

My name is Elske Hageraats, and I’ve met some of you during a webinar about Solidarity Payment for a fair income organised by the CSA Network. I wanted to let you know that I’ll be traveling through the UK from 1st August – 4th September and I would love to visit several CSA farms, to talk about the income challenge, see if solidarity payment could work for you, how can we start it at your CSA, what are the challenges? In order to support the movement in the UK, as well as input for my second book I’m writing on Solidarity Payment & CSA. 

So in short:

date: few days between 1st august – 4th september

farms: I’m looking for (CSA) farms in UK who want to start / already started solidarity payment

what: we can talk about income & how to start solidarity payment at your CSA. Of course, I can work alongside you whilst we talk : )

(If I cannot visit your farm, but you’re interested in solidarity payment, we can also have a video call).

costs: for free, I’d just like a place to pitch my tent : )

contact: please send me an mail to

Hope to see you in August! 

Warm greetings,


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