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Visit a community supported farm near you

Community supported farms across Britain are opening their gates for the first-ever CSA Network UK Open Day on Saturday 1 October 2016.

It’s a chance for the whole family to find out more about community supported agriculture (CSA), where the risks and rewards of farming are shared between farmers and members of the community.

Special events include: –

  • ‘Be an organic farmer for a day’ at Waterlands Organics/Cambridge Cropshare, near Cambridge. You can help harvest crops and other duties and look around the farm.
  • Take part in apple juicing at Camel CSA, near Wadebridge in Cornwall. Explore the wildlife pond, vegetable beds and polytunnels.
  • Tour the developing medicine garden at Forest and Folk Community Supported Herbalism near Milton Keynes. Get involved in helping design the planting, take a tour of the studio and browse the shop for natural health products.

Community supported agriculture farms vary in the way they are run. CSA members may pay in advance for their produce, invest in shares in the farm, and/or help out with growing and harvesting.

They all aim to increase transparency, sustainability and resilience within our domestic food system. Britain produces only 60 per cent of total food consumed. We are particularly reliant on imports for fruit and vegetables, 40 per cent of which come from the EU.

CSA Network UK chair Robert Simpson said: “It’s one of the most radical ways that we can re-take control and ownership of our food system, as CSA members know exactly where and how their food has been produced, unlike shopping in supermarkets.

“In the wake of Brexit, being part of a CSA farm and buying local, organic produce is likely to become even more popular as the price of imported food rises and it becomes harder for conventional farms to find seasonal workers.”

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