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What’s in it for you?

If you’re a member of CSA Network UK, you should have received our recent email asking if you can complete our annual survey.

The words you never want to hear, “can I ask you to fill in our survey?” 

I get it. 

I have an ‘anti-survey defence radar system’ in the back of my brain. It activates on any high street when I detect a clipboard held by a smiley-faced researcher on the pavement. It guides my feet to subtly change my direction in tiny increments to steer a wide course.

And yet, here I am asking you to complete our survey. We wouldn’t be doing this unless we thought it was important.

If you are a member of CSA Network UK, I hope you have felt the benefit of being part of our organisation. Perhaps you’ve received some mentoring, watched some of our webinars, received some training, met up with other CSAs, downloaded some of our policy documents? Maybe you’ve even had a customer contact you to buy a share because they’ve found you through our website?

Those benefits are easy to illustrate, but there is more going on behind the scenes. Part of our work is our involvement in policymaking and influencing. We are active in various forums seeking to improve our broken food system. 

Then there’s our mission to put a CSA in every neighbourhood of the UK. We believe that CSA is an excellent and robust business model that the world needs.

All the things we do need funding, and the best way we can get funding is to provide data that proves the worth of CSA.

So, about that survey. Yes, it’s a big one, but the data it provides us with will be incredibly helpful to us all in the UK CSA movement, including you.

If you’ve received our email with the details about the survey and haven’t opened it yet, can we urge you to do so please? If you haven’t, can we ask you to click here and take a look at what it’s all about.

Thanks, and please help us help you.

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