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DIY Peat Free - Image

DIY peat-free growing media – Webinar

Webinar on how to create your own peat-free growing media for plant-raising. As growers we need to move away from using peat for propagation, but buying in can be expensive and not always as reliable as it should be. An alternative is to make up our own mixes using ‘recipes.’... Read More...
Seeds Stories thumbnail image

Our Seeds Are Our Stories 2 – Seed Week Special

For many of us, our connection to seeds runs much deeper than just the practicalities of food production. Our seeds represent hard work, the growing season to come, and belief that we can build a better future. The journeys seeds take and the challenges they face are reflections of our... Read More...
Composting for small farms

Composting for small farms – a Masterclass with Nicky Scott – Webinar

Nicky Scott, aka Dr Compost, talks about all things composting for small farms and market gardens in this masterclass webinar from the CSA Network UK. Get practical tips and learn the science behind the perfect heap in this video – part of the Farming the Future series. Read More...
Cultivating Healthy Work Culture - Image

Cultivating a healthy work culture on your farm – Webinar

Growing the staples - image

Growing the Staples

Hear all about growing field scale vegetables from some of the experts. This webinar debunks the myths of field-scale production and shows how it can be done regeneratively and agroecologically without huge investments. We discuss at rotation, technical issues of production, and machinery to support you in producing the staple... Read More...
Soil heart and soul - Image

Soil – the heart and soul of organic growing – Webinar

This webinar explored the reasons why soil is so important to organic production systems, what the threats are to soil-based production, and how we as growers can maximise the vitality of our soils for healthy crops, people and planet. Speakers Dave Chapman runs Long Wind Farm in Vermont, USA and... Read More...
Seed Process IMage

The Seed Process – Following the Journey from Harvest to Packet – Webinar

As market gardeners are busy bringing in their crops this time of year, so too are seed producers hard at work harvesting their seed. These seeds are destined to become next year’s crops, but what happens to them between harvest and being deposited in packets to be shipped to growers... Read More...
Food Chain GMO - Image

Local food chains and the challenge of GMOs – Webinar

This webinar from the CSA Network UK aims to bring those involved in local and regional food production up to speed on the latest developments in genetic engineering. It looks at claims that we need it to make farming sustainable and ‘feed the world’ – and to provide an agroecological... Read More...
Make room for seed - Image

‘Make Room for Seed’: Integrating Seed Saving into Market Gardens

Four Season Growing - Image

Four Season Growing – Webinar

Webinar from The Landworkers’ Alliance
No Dig Image

Digging Deeper into No Dig – Webinar

A webinar on No Dig at market garden scale. Panel: Lois Philipps, Soil Scientist and Shalbourne Community Growers Jake Eldridge, Oxton Organics Amy Willoughby, Plotgate Community Farm Lindsay Whalen, Reddy Lane Market Garden Chair – Tim Dickens, CSA Network UK Read More...
Agroforestry - Image

Agroforestry In Organic Horticulture – Webinar

Agroforestry presents lots of opportunities for the organic grower: to grow new fruit and nut crops to sell; to produce wood and wood chip to use; to provide shelter and reduce flooding; and to provide habitat for other creatures. In this webinar, we hear from experienced growers about the practical... Read More...

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