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Double the budget - image

Doubling the Farming Budget: A Call for Environmental Justice

In a bid for change, a collective voice rises, advocating for a pivotal shift: doubling the farming budget. The reasoning is simple yet profound—it’s the linchpin for steering the agricultural sector toward a more sustainable path. At its core, the movement acknowledges a fundamental truth: food is a basic human... Read More...
Food Ethics Council Image

Big Give GreenMatchFund Campain – The Food Ethics Council

The Food Ethics Council collaborates with organizations and communities nationwide. Through workshops and discussions, they aim to explore the concept of a right to food within the UK context.  The Food Ethics Council is launching a major fundraising campaign to investigate how our right to food could enhance the well-being... Read More...
House of Lords Report Cover Image

The House of Lords Horticultural Sector Committee’s 2022–23 report

The House of Lords Horticultural Sector Committee’s 2022–23 report, titled “Sowing the Seeds: A Blooming English Horticultural Sector,” focuses on the state and prospects of the horticultural industry. It contains evidence of why this country would benefit from backing its horticultural sector. The document delves into critical aspects, including workforce... Read More...
Jubilee Farm - Image

What’s it like to start a new CSA? – Guest blog post from Jubilee Farm in Suffolk

One of our new members, Mike Long from Suffolk, is logging his progress as a new CSA with a solidarity scheme integrated from the off. Over the coming months, Mike will take us along with him on his journey of getting a CSA running. I’m Mike, and along with my... Read More...
Community Ownership Fund Webinar - Image

Navigating the Community Ownership Fund for Land Stewardship – Free Webinar

Are you part of a land-based project working for social and environmental goals and needing support for your long-term finances? Shared Assets are running a free webinar to empower groups and social enterprises with insights on accessing grants and securing long-term stewardship models for land. The webinar will discuss the... Read More...
Cultivating Success Image

Cultivating Success

“Cultivating Success” was developed by the Fruit and Vegetable Alliance (a group of industry representatives from across the UK horticulture sector, of which we are a member) to inform the government’s Horticulture Strategy and set out our key short and long-term goals for a thriving UK horticulture sector. Now, more... Read More...
GREAT Programme - Image

The GREAT CSA Incubator programme

The GREAT CSA Incubator programme aims to support starter CSAs in Gloucestershire as part of the new Gloucestershire Regenerative Agriculture Transition (GREAT) Project run by the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group South West and funded by the Thirty-Percy Foundation.  The aim of the programme is to support new CSAs to... Read More...
Dairy Code of Conduct - Image

Dairy Code of Conduct Joint Letter

We are among a number of organisations who have signed a joint open letter to the Secretary of State calling for action on the delayed Dairy Code of Conduct. In 2021 it was announced that the new statutory Code would seek to “provide a guiding framework, establishing minimum standards but... Read More...
Seeds for Ukraine - Image

Seeds For Ukraine – Can you help?

If you have any leftover seeds that would otherwise go to waste, Seeds for Ukraine can find them a good home. Last year they helped 10,000 families grow crops and provide food for themselves, and they aim to provide 100,000 families with seeds this year. The charity provides essential seeds... Read More...
Genetic Tech Act - Apple Image

Webinar on The new Genetic Technology Act – 10th May 2023

The new Genetic Technology Act is now law in the UK; however, a huge amount of safety regulations have been removed, such as labelling, traceability, ongoing monitoring, and environmental, health and safety assessments. The bill extends beyond the usual agricultural crops into a far wider range of plants, farmed animals,... Read More...
Sourcing Better Checked Out image

Food retailers fail to publish evidence on sustainable sourcing – Report

A new report reviews retailers’ published commitments against Eating Better’s Sourcing Better Framework There is little evidence that food retailers are driving more sustainable sourcing, according to Eating Better’s review of published information. While many retailers have committed to improving their sourcing, from reducing carbon emissions to improving biodiversity, there... Read More...
Gov. to pay more - Image

Government to pay more to farmers who protect and enhance the environment

Defra has announced that the Government will increase its payments to farmers delivering sustainable food production under the Environmental Land Management Scheme. Check out the announcement here. Read More...
Agroecology and technology image

Agroecology and Technology – Be Part of the Discussion

Does agroecology need to become more ‘technological’ to scale up and become more sustainable? What does agroecological appropriate technology look like? How can we make decisions around technology that align with agroecological values? Over the next 18 months, Beyond GM/A Bigger Conversation will be working with UK farmers who sit... Read More...
Letter to Scottish Parliament

CSA Network UK signs letter to Scottish Parliamentarian

CSA Network UK signs letter to Scottish Parliamentarian CSA Network UK has become a signatory to a letter to Mairi Gougeon, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands in Scottish Parliament, asking for meaningful policies to act on climate change and nature protection in food production. This has all come... Read More...
GM Letter header image

Concerns that recent developments could lead to the deregulation of GM food

CSA Network UK has become a signatory to a letter to food retailers. 5 October 2022 We are writing to you, as leaders from civil society and the food and agriculture sector, who are committed to ensuring that all citizens have access to high-quality, nutritious food produced by environmentally friendly,... Read More...
What's going on with ELMS? Image

What’s going on with ELMs?

Policy update by Tali Eichner In September, the appointment of a new government brought speculation about the future of the new Environmental Land Management schemes (ELMs).  Defra has since confirmed that they are committed to going ahead with the schemes, although statements on the subject are somewhat vague, albeit with... Read More...
Art of invitation image.

The Art of Invitation Online Course for growers, farmers and seed savers

Last few places – starts next week! The Art of Invitation explores creative ways of engaging communities in the ecological, cultural, and social challenges of our time. These workshops offer new, creative tools for change that can be used as resources for you and your projects, groups, communities, and organisations. ... Read More...
2022 Survey image

What’s in it for you?

If you’re a member of CSA Network UK, you should have received our recent email asking if you can complete our annual survey. The words you never want to hear, “can I ask you to fill in our survey?”  I get it.  I have an ‘anti-survey defence radar system’ in... Read More...

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