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Kids on farms - featured image.

Paid to have children on your farm?

We’ve all heard the story of the city kid who didn’t know carrots grow in the ground or that milk came out of a cow. You would hope that things are better these days and children are taught more in schools about where their food comes from. Just knowing where... Read More...

Delinked payments and lump sum consultation: add your voice

Defra have released a consultation Direct payments to farmers: Lump sum exit scheme and delinked payments in England and we are asking for members and supporters to respond to the consultation to ensure that these schemes support new entrants and CSA farmers too. Defra are proposing that in 2022, farmers who... Read More...

Council elections in England

Ahead of the local council elections taking place in England 6 May, we would like to invite CSA members to write to their local elected leaders and ask them to support CSA in their local area. Some ways to get involved: As soon as candidates in your local area are... Read More...

Policy round-up March 2021

With the recent Agriculture Bill, Brexit, DEFRA Agricultural Transition Plan and Environmental Land Management scheme, alongside an increasing interest in CSAs and small-scale farming, not to mention lots of upcoming government consultations and that we now have a policy member in the team – we thought it would be useful... Read More...

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